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The Answers You Need

Why should I trust
Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC?

Your safety, health and well-being is an important concern to Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC.  We guarantee to provide not only professional and reliable cleaning staff; but also assure that your home is as much of a value to you as it is to us.  We want your experience to ease your mind.

How often should my home be cleaned?

The answer varies from person to person however, an individual or family should consider the following factors:
·         The size of the home
·         The traffic pattern. 
Those areas that are used frequently
·         The number of children and pets
·         The health of the occupants. 
·         Do you or anyone in the household suffer from allergies?

How would I arrange access for Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC staff into my home?

We suggest home access details be discussed during the initial consultation.  Many of our clients either remain home during the cleaning or provide a key prior to their scheduled appointment time.  The safety of your home is our top priority; we will accommodate what is best for the client.

Can I see Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC bond and insurance proof?

Yes.  Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC is committed to being a honest and reputable company.  You may request proof after your reservation has been confirmed. 

What is the Spruce-It-Up Cleaning Solutions, LLC cancellation policy?

In order to maintain efficiency and in consideration of our cleaning technician’s schedules, we require a non-refundable reservation fee.  In the event you need to cancel, this fee is given to our technician.  If you prefer to reschedule, we will transfer your reservation fee to the new scheduled date.  We reserve the right to cancel any service after three reschedule service dates.

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